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Synthetic Test Runs – What Time Is It


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Main Points

#- Various monitors and measurements can help assure Quality; Use them in creative ways.

#- The question, “What Time Is It?” is relative. So have a little fun with it.


When discussing Synthetic Test Runs or Real User Measurements, are often referring to either monitoring Availability or to measuring Performance (see, “Availability versus Performance“). These attributes are very powerful, valuable data on their own, but they may also feed into [things like] quality.

In this Web Tortoise Story, asked the question, “What Time Is It” of a handful of large websites. The catch: the question was asked from Catchpoint’s US-based Synthetic Node network and are able to see geography-based web services are not perfect!

Note in each of these below examples, a different website was used.

Asked from a Synthetic Node in Atlanta, GA.

What Time Is It - Atlanta

Asked from a Synthetic Node in New York City.

What Time Is It - NYC

Asked from a Synthetic Node in Washington, DC.

What Time Is It - DC

Asked from a Synthetic Node in Los Angeles, CA.

What Time Is It - Los Angeles


Additionally, some Synthetic Nodes were redirected to other countries! And still other Synthetic Nodes didn’t get any time at all (instead, they were given links to other sites giving the time)!

Now, the example of “What Time Is It” may not be the best practical example, but the underlying principle is paramount. That is, when used in creative ways, your various monitors and measurements may give you more than just Availability or Performance data.

Next up in the #CreativeUses series: Image Search and DNS Takeovers.

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