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The Web Performance Panacea Chart

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Web Performance Panacea Chart - 1Web Performance Panacea Chart - 2Web Performance Panacea Chart - 3


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Hello, Everyone!  Am pleased to announce there is finally a Web Performance Panacea Chart we can all use in every data analysis situation!  The power of the Web Performance Panacea Chart can obviously be seen by just glancing at this example:

Web Performance Panacea Chart - 1

A few folks have stated their interest in having a “lights out” version of the same Web Performance Panacea Chart.  And so, after much work and development, I am pleased to offer THIS example:

Web Performance Panacea Chart - 2

So, to give an idea of when to use the Web Performance Panacea Chart, think of some of these use cases:

– I’d like to have a chart showing me when there is a problem on my site ;

– I’d like to have a chart showing the outside weather ; or

– I’d like to have a chart showing me the mood of my significant other .

As you can, the Web Performance Panacea Chart can show all of these!  What’s even more powerful, is the previous charts can be combined into a a super Web Performance Panacea Chart as shown below:

Web Performance Panacea Chart - 3

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Modulator Demodulator

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Modulator Demodulator


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To get a unique web performance measurement perspective, consider using modulator demodulators to measure the performance of your website.  The most familiar example might be those modulator demodulators used to transmit over Plain Old Telephone Service (“POTS”).

I’d recommend using a modulator demodulator capable of at least 56 kbit/s.  And, if you have an extra phone line, you could bond two modulator demodulators together for increased capability.

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For additional information on modulator demodulators, consider some of these sources:

http://www.ask.com/web?q=What+is+April+Fools+day ;


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