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Hello! This was written 2012-FEB-29 at 10:54 AM ET.

Welcome to The Web Tortoise and Hare‘s inaugural post. If you are a Catchpoint, Keynote, Gomez or etc user, then this is for you!

Here will be discussed various web availability, performance and “plus plus” topics. Will slant toward using excel to get additional value from the data provided by companies like Catchpoint, Keynote and Gomez.

Availability: Did you get a response from the server?

Performance: After the response, how long did it take for your web page to load?

“Plus Plus”: Could the time of day have affected the web page load? What other factors might influence either availability or performance? Geography? Ad Serving? Else?

Document Complete / OnLoad:

_The following is optional reading material._

I work for a large internet company [at the time of this inaugural post] whose pages receive several visits each month. I use tools like [those provided by] Catchpoint and Keynote to monitor availability and measure performance. I don’t work for any of those companies and I don’t have anything to sell.

Feel free to contact me http://www.linkedin.com/in/LeoVasiliou .

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