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Webtortoise Modified Pareto Chart / Modified Ogive Chart


Hello! This #WebTortoise post was written 2013-AUG-22 at 10:57 AM ET (about #WebTortoise).

Main Points

I had a chance to sit down with Jurgen Cito yesterday and we talked about various Web Performance “stuffs”. One of those stuffs was whether or not there was a spot for Pareto Charts in the Web Performance / WebTortoise Realm.

What do you think?


Modified Pareto Chart (number):

Web Performance Modified Pareto Chart - number

Modified Pareto Chart (percent):

Web Performance Modified Pareto Chart - percent

Looking at the above chart, there are two vertical Y axes:

One of them is a count; the other is a percentage.
One of them is not-cumulative; the other is cumulative.
One of them is a LOG; the other is not a LOG.

At a glance, this chart does not present information effortlessly. It takes a little bit of effort to read and understand (see, Daniel Kahnemann, “Thinking, Fast and Slow” for System 1 versus System 2). But once you do put in the effort, then there is more value to be had.  For example:

– 53% of the Response Times were below 1,300 ms

– 93% of the Response times were below 2,000 ms

Now, I did have to go to the chart data (download link just below) to get those exact numbers.  Perhaps if we play with the chart format a bit? Add some labels (that LOG axis makes it a little trickier to even estimate the corresponding non-LOG % value, for example)?

Interesting….  So many charts…  So little time…

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